Men’s Spandex

If you are wearing men’s spandex items as often as I do then you know just how comfortable this material can be. I have worn a lot of different things in my life, but spandex has always been my go to material when I need to relax. There is something about the constricting stretchiness that puts my mind at ease whenever I am wearing it. I’m not sure if it is just in my head or not, but this is probably the best material that has ever been created. I don’t think I would be living the same life that I am living right now if it wasn’t for my spandex items.

There was a time when I thought that wearing my men’s spandex items as often as I do would end up causing some hassles in my life, but I haven’t had any yet. I eventually gave up on that train of thought and concluded that if my spandex ever did cause any problems for me I would just stop wearing them. I can honestly say that the only issues I have had was in deciding what designs I should be wearing for any particular day. Other than that, I feel free in ways that normal materials have never been able to offer me.

I think most guys that live with men’s spandex can understand how frustrating it is to decide which design to wear every day, but it is something that we all have to live with. At least I am not so bad that I plan my things out the night before. I am pretty sure that if I ever did something like that I would probably never get any sleep because I would insist on wearing each spandex item I own to see how they were going to fit with tomorrows clothing options. That would make this more of an obsession than a lifestyle choice I would think.

Men’s spandex male to female transformation by Koalaswim

Men’s Thongs and Bikinis Koala Style

Men’s Thongs and Bikinis

I started noticing my roommate acting a bit weird the other day. He was ducking in and out of the apartment like he was trying to avoid me every chance he got. I finally cornered him and asked him what he was doing. That is when I found out about his wearing of men’s thongs and bikinis to the beach. Now I may not be the most open minded man on the planet at times, but he thought I was going to kick him out if I found out that he was wearing things like this to the beach. Naturally I laughed out loud about it and showed him the thong that I was wearing under my pants at that very moment.

He didn’t know that I had been wearing me’ns thongs and bikinis for a couple of years already because I hid it very well. They fact that we didn’t really hang out all that much in public together helped with the hiding of option clothing too. But now the secret was out and we both got to have a pretty good laugh out of it all. After that we were able to go through the designs that we owned and compare to see which one of us were more into the wearing of sexy thongs than the other. Naturally I won that little competition.

Since finding out about my roommates fascination with men’s thongs and bikinis, we have found a deeper connection between the two of us. We actually started hanging out together in public and we do have a lot of things in common with each other. What started out as a way for me to afford living in a certain area of town has ended up bringing someone into my life that I can relate to. You don’t get many opportunities like that in life and you should jump on them as soon as they come up. If you don’t, you could end up losing out on something that could have changed your life for the better later on.

Speedos for Men

I love wearing Speedos for men when I go out for my nightly jog. I have one of those jobs that really wears you down mentally and being able to head out for a job helps me to clear my mind. I get the chance to listen to some good music and focus on my breathing and the task at hand which helps me de-stress after dealing with work all day long. Being able to wear my Speedos while taking this time to my self makes it even more relaxing for me, regardless of the looks that I tend to get from the people I am jogging past. Micro scrunch butt swimsuit

You see, I don’t live anywhere near a beach so wearing Speedos for men is quite an odd thing for these people. I used to live by a beach, and I loved being able to take my speedos out and enjoy the sun and sand, but I transferred to the middle of nowhere and now all I have is the chance to take a jog in my speedos to clear my mind. I have even thought about quitting my job and moving back to the beach, but I have put way too much time into this company to just give up like that. I’ll give it a couple more years and see if I can get transferred to somewhere even better than before, maybe Hawaii will open up for me.

Either way, I still love wearing my speedos for men and there is nothing that will stop me from wearing them, even if that means I have to wear them under my sweatpants when I go jogging in the snow. I really don’t like snow and it has nothing to do with forcing me to hide my love of speedos either. The important thing to remember is that everyone has certain things in their life that they really enjoy and if we can’t accept them for that then why should they accept us for the things that we enjoy?

Men’s spandex at work

Men’s Spandex

I love wearing men’s spandex whenever I get the chance. I even try to wear it around the office from time to time but I always get told that it is inappropriate to wear, and I have to change into something else. That is when I started wearing some kind of spandex items under my clothing just so I could have the comfort that I enjoyed without being told to change clothes again.  I really did not see what the problem was with what I was wearing, but the boss seemed to think that I was making a joke out of the company dress code for whatever reason. I was not, of course, but you can’t tell upper management anything because they are all knowing.

I even made sure that the men’s spandex designs I wanted to wear to work was not overly erotic in nature. Hell, one of the designs was basically just a pair of workout pants that did not even show off that much of my toned legs and still, I get called in to the office and told to go home and change. I think the boss is just jealous that his fat ass could not wear something like this without everyone within two blocks laughing in his face. I know that seems mean to say, but I truly feel that is the real reason he hounds me so much on what I wear to work.

Regardless of whether you are able to wear your men’s spandex items to work or not, you should definitely try some of them out. You will be surprised at how comfortable spandex can feel against your skin even if you have to wear them under your regular clothing. You might even want to look at some of the swimwear that you can buy out of spandex these days for the next time you decide to head off to the beach for the weekend. You are sure to find people who love their days on the beach wearing some of the same designs. So you know they are not going to give you a hard time about wearing spandex. At least no one should be giving you a hard time as long as you are not wearing something overly erotic in public.

Men’s Spandex how small can you go?

Men’s Spandex

I absolutely love wearing men’s spandex out on the beach and getting all the looks from the people around me. I always feel like I am the one showing these people what the world is really like whether they know it or not. The sad thing is that most of the people that I see on the beach really do not have any idea what the world is all about and it usually shows. At least it does where I live. I have noticed that when I go to other beaches farther away from my home, I see more and more guys starting to wear the same types of designs that I have, but that usually never happens at the beach where I live. I guess they will learn one of these days if they keep seeing me walking around.

Now I have to tell you that wearing some of the men’s spandex designs that I have seen would probably get you arrested on even the most liberal of beaches out there so think before you go out in public. You do not want to be walking around in the sand, enjoying all that sun, and then get tackled by a bunch of cops and taken to jail for indecent exposure. Or maybe you do and that is something that you have often dreamt about doing. If you have been thinking that, then there are designs that will allow that to happen for you, but you probably are not going to like it as much as you might think.

I like to wear mens spandex that is a bit tight and shows off what I have, but not in a way that is going to get me into trouble. I do not mind if people look at me as if I have lost my mind or anything as long as they are not calling the cops as I pass by. I really think people should pay attention to their own lives rather than pointing out everything they think is wrong with others, but that is not going to be happening any time soon. So, I will keep wearing the spandex designs that I enjoy, and I will keep raising the eyebrows of the people around me as I do it. If they do not like what I am wearing and I am not showing off too much skin, then it should not really matter what kind of mens spandex designs I have on as I am not hurting anyone.

Men’s spandex is fun!

Men’s Spandex

Men’s spandex items have been around for a very long time. It is only in recent years that this amazing material has been brought out into the open and worn by men in public. There are spandex swimsuits, underwear, cycling shorts, workout clothes and many other items created from spandex. It seems to be that the first spandex item to be introduced was bicycle shorts worn by cycling competitors. These guys need something comfortable and that allows them to move as fast as they can. Spandex items will not slow them down. If anything, spandex will allow them to go even faster that makes for more competition wins. It may have taken a little while before other men noticed just how functional spandex shorts were, but those men who enjoy indulging in sports or exercising caught on pretty quickly. Once they did, they never looked back.

Something else that is wonderful about men’s spandex is that not only can they create any type of garment imaginable, but spandex is also available in any color that you might want. Imagine a sexy pair of red spandex shorts and shirt to wear when you go to the gym. You can look around and see that most eyes are all on you. Once you begin your exercise routine, you will have another reason to be excited. Spandex has this fabulous quality of being able to sort of breathe along with your body. Most guys say that, after all, they cannot even tell that they are wearing anything at all.

If you get lots of attention at the gym, just visualize the number of lustful looks you will get once you are strolling along your favorite beach wearing swimwear made from men’s spandex. Guys who opt for spandex swimsuits will always be noticed by other beach goers. This is especially true for men who are in good shape physically. That is another idea for you. Hit the gym wearing your spandex workout clothes. Following your workout, you can change into your spandex swimsuit and then head for the beach. You can make a full day of it and feel great while you are. You will see why most guys wear spandex for their sportswear.

Men’s Spandex

Men’s Spandex

Men’s spandex items are sought after more and more these days because of the amazing versatility it offers. Most people were made aware of spandex when cyclists started to look around for something comfortable to wear when they were riding whether for fun or competition. Somehow spandex bicycle shorts were discovered. These bicycle shorts were perfect for bicycling, and still are. Once men learned about these spandex shorts, there was a huge demand for other athletic items made from spandex.  Designers heard their call and got to work on creating wonderful, new athletic items using only spandex to do so.

Once all of those men’s spandex items were designed and produced, it turned out that there are many popular garments that guys simply must have in their wardrobes. Another lucky fact is that just about every one of these garments can be created from spandex. These include not only bicycle shorts, but such things as men’s underwear in various styles, workout clothes, along with all styles of swimsuits for men. This is appreciated by men all over the world, and the popularity of spandex shows no signs of slowing down. More men every day are discovering the joy of spandex.

Now, you might be wondering what the big deal is regarding men’s spandex. The answer to that question is actually rather simple while, at the same time, a bit complicated. In addition to the comfort offered by spandex, garments made from it can be rather flattering to the human body. This is particularly important to men as they may struggle to find something to wear to the gym, to the beach, or just underneath their clothing that will provide the sexiness that they would like to feel. When you think about it, nothing makes more sense. Spandex has the unique quality of breathing with you. Many guys often say that they forget they are wearing anything because of this wonderful aspect. If you have not enjoyed all that spandex has to offer you, it is time to do that right now. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Koala Men’s Spandex Swimwear and Micro wear

Koala Men’s Swimwear

If you are a man who is ready to become a sexy Adonis among people, you should have started quest. The thing with your swimsuit style is you can do this quickly, especially if you choose the  web site for Koala men’s swimwear. This is very important followed quickly by finding the best sort of swimwear for you. When you are searching for the answer as to where the best place to shop for these items, Koala is the first place you should go. As you will see very quickly, this website is made up of all of your sexy items, especially swimwear for men. They make it super easy to find many selections that will suit you, and they have wonderful, friendly, and helpful customer support if you find yourself in a bind when it comes to making the right selection. Soon, you will have your hot swimwear on its way to you.

First of all, you should take an honest look at your body. No one is totally perfect all the time. It is just that some men take extra special care of their bodies and others tend to just let themselves go. Once those problem areas of your body have been worked on, you will know exactly what sort of swimsuits will work for you. Again, you should head back to Koala men’s swimwear. It will only take a few minutes, usually, to figure out which swimming  attire will make you the king of whatever beach you decide to visit. As you can see from your very first visit to the Koala website, it offers everything in the way of men’s needs, and that includes various swimsuits for you to select. Also, you do not have to guess at the size you wear. If you are not quite sure of the size, Koala has instructions for you to figure out which size is best for you.

When you are finally ready to launch your new body and swimsuit, you can depend on Koala men’s swimwear to put you on the right path. With its designer, Michael David, at the helm, you can be assured of getting the ideal swimsuit for you. He knows what men like and what they want. This enables you to choose the perfect swimsuit that will show off your new and improved body to anyone who truly wants to look. And they will look!

Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Men’s Spandex

Are you familiar with the miraculous material of spandex? If so, then you most likely have heard of men’s spandex items. These items are so useful and comfortable, not to mention flattering no matter what your body type happens to be. Spandex was discovered years ago when the first spandex bicycle shorts were launched to the public. Cyclists may have been a bit skeptical at first. Then they broke down and bought a pair. Everything changed the second that these spandex shorts were slipped into and taken out for a ride. These shorts were an absolute miracle! The comfort was amazing and hardly felt as if they were even on a body. They also tended to breathe with the human skin, which makes them the perfect shorts to ride in no matter what the weather might be.

Another men’s spandex item that gained in popularity quite quickly is swimwear of all types, especially bikinis, micro bikinis, and thongs. When they want to show off the body that they have to offer someone,spandex swimsuits are their go to garments. It seems that the quality of these spandex items are just what they need to garner all of that positive attention that they want so badly. If these guys have taken the time and effort to get their bodies into the best shape possible, spandex swimwear is the perfect mode to get that attention. If you decide to try that, it is almost a guarantee that you will have people lusting after you when you hit the beach or wherever favorite swimming venue happens to be.

Finally, men’s spandex is not used exclusively for swimwear. You can also find sexy underwear for men created from spandex. This means that you can enjoy your spandex items year round. Underwear allows you to get the full effect of spandex whether you are at home or at work. Other people do not have to know that you are wearing spandex under your outer wear. Although they might kind of wonder at the relaxed walk and smile you have on your face.

Workout Tights

Workout Tights

Garments that are growing in popularity among men are workout tights. While this might be rather surprising for many people, these tights have become more and more sought after when going for a workout. Women have often turned to tights for years when they wanted to work out on a chilly day. They also wore them with short skirts or dresses in the place of stockings. Tights can serve many functions and women have known that for a very long time. Now, men are realizing that tights can be useful to them as well.

A little history of workout tights coming on the scene is that male ballet dancers have worn them when practicing and performing on stage. It was never questioned, and these dancers never thought anything about wearing these tights. All they knew and really cared about is that they helped make the practices and performances much more comfortable. These tights were so common that the male dancers just accepted them as part of their performing costumes. These men always kept a pair of tights in their gym bags or backpacks when they were spending lots of time in the dance studio.

That brings us to the present day workout tights. Somewhere along the way, tights became more than just a standard part of male dancers’ costumes and men began to understand that they can wear tights for many other reasons. One of those reasons comes in at the top of the list in the form of workout clothes. Nothing can beat the comfort of these tights when it comes to some strenuous moving around. Another use for tights is to just pair them with a long sweater or wear them with a short skirt and do your errands or simply pop into a favorite bar wearing tights. Once other men see you pulling off this totally fun look with the addition of something else, you can bet that you are going to be asked where you got them. Better be ready with an answer if you decide you want to share.


Beautiful men’s tights made in the USA by Koala

Men’s Spandex

Men’s Spandex

Men’s spandex covers a wide variety of male garments. This material seems to be used for a lot of things. Some of these items are men’s swimwear, underwear in all styles, and biker shorts. In fact, those biker shorts seem to have been where it all started. This group of men were searching for attire that they could wear while riding their bikes. They did not have the comfortable attire they needed for pleasure riding, workouts, and competition. Therefore, they started to scout around to find a designer who could and would listen to what they needed. They succeeded on a bigger level than even the designers had imagined.

Once these men’s spandex items began to appear on the shelves of many shops around the world, it was clear that spandex had taken off everywhere. Men were flocking to shops in order to purchase all types of spandex products as if they just could not get enough. They bought as much as was on sale in shops. Actually, the shops would run completely out of these spandex items. It seems that spandex has taken off like wildfire.

There is an excellent reason for that, too. Guys will tell you that the comfort level as well as the sexy factor makes them want to purchase mens spandex items. This means that they are going to be repeat customers due to the significantly larger number of men that keep buying spandex. It is amazing at just how quickly things made of spandex took off, especially in the swimsuit department. Guys were finding that nothing fit like spandex swimwear, so they kept coming back for more. You might be interested in at least trying spandex and see if it does not draw you into its web. It is possible that you will be converted into one of those men that cannot go without spandex. Do not worry, though. That is a good thing.


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