The Sensation of Men’s Spandex


I have seen a few guys wearing men’s spandex around the park this summer and it got me curious about what other kinds of spandex might be available. I certainly was not ready for what I found, but I am glad that I started looking into this crazy lifestyle. I first noticed that there were a lot of designs available that I had been seeing in public and did not realize that they were actually made from spandex. The next thing I noticed is that the designs seem to change rather quickly into things that I most certainly would not see in public anytime soon.

The realization that there were so many different men’s spandex designs made me realize that I had been living in a rather strange bubble my entire life. Were there actually guys out there wearing some of these more erotic options that I was not privy to? I started looking around for any pictures that I could find of these designs and, sure enough; they were out there. Seeing those pictures got me interested in spandex even more and I simply had to buy something. I wanted to know what it felt like to wear something like this and the only way to do that was to buy a design that I found to be interesting.


I found out the hard way that once you delve into the world of men’s spandex you might never really come back out. Sure, you can stop wearing your spandex and live a normal life, but you will never let go of how that spandex affected you while you were wearing it. This is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life and I really do not have a problem with that. Of course I do not plan on not wearing my spandex any time soon so that I can keep having that feeling I get while I am wearing it. I do not want this sensation to become routine. I always want it to be a special one.

Cautions Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Cautions Men’s Spandex Swimwear

I have seen some great men’s spandex swimwear over the summer and I have seen some that probably should have been left at home. While I do love wearing this type of swimwear, I am going to talk about the ones that need to be left at home. Anyone can go out to the beach and see the type of swimwear that can be worn in public, but only a handful of guys will ever get to see that sexy stuff that should be left in the bedroom. At least there should only be a handful because some of it does get worn out in public and it is totally shocking for everyone around.


Now I am not saying that you cannot wear whatever men’s spandex swimwear you want on the beach, but I am asking that you have a little bit of decency when you do. I have some of these sexy designs that I love wearing to parties and other special events, but taking them out in public is not something that I would ever do. I do have some pride in the manner of my appearance and showing my balls to the world does not fit in with that pride. While you may think it’s sexy as hell, there are others that really do not think its appropriate attire to wear in public.

Having said that, if you are planning on wearing sexy men’s spandex swimwear out in public, you should at least try to find a beach where that is appropriate to do. A lot of public beaches do have rules about what kind of swimwear you can have and it does not take too much research to find out what those rules are. It may not get the same shock appeal that you are looking for walking around a beach where everyone else is dressed just like you, but you will not be subjecting young and old alike to see parts of your body that they do not want to see. Besides, you can easily find clothing optional beaches where you can wear anything you want or nothing at all.

The Perfect Men’s Spandex for a Workout


If you are looking for something fun and light weight to wear while exercising; you might take a look at the newest men’s spandex designs. I will warn you that not all of these designs are created for workouts. This is something that you will understand as soon as you see them although you might think of enjoying another type of working out in the bedroom with your partner as a perfect time to wear them. There are quite a few designs that would be good for something like that and a lot of guys buy them specifically for some bedroom fun.

If you are looking specifically for workout clothes to take the gym though, there are plenty of men’s spandex designs to choose from. They will make your workouts more efficient and make your body look much better than any other types of workout clothes you might have. I personally have a few designs that I take to the gym and a few that I leave in the bedroom. I like to have as many options as possible when it comes to spandex. I even have some that I take out to the beach and can use as swimwear if I ever feel like jumping into the water.

There are so many different choices in men’s spandex that I have actually found myself trying to wear some of my bedroom designs to the gym. I always catch myself before getting out the door, which is probably a good thing. I could just imagine the looks on the faces of everyone who sees me when I walk in sporting something of that nature. I know I would not get much of a workout in as I would be trying to run away from everyone staring at me. Either that or I would end up getting arrested before I even walked into the gym. I think I might have to start keeping my sexy spandex separate from my workout clothes from now on as this is giving me ideas. If they are in separate drawers, this will never be a potential problem again.


Popularity of Men’s Spandex


Over the last several years, men’s spandex has become quite popular among all sorts of groups of men. It seemed that this fashion trend may have started among bicyclists who competed in marathons. There were such things as cyclist shorts created from spandex and were worn anytime men decided to indulge themselves in a bit of bicycle riding. This material proved to be a very comfortable exercise fabric. It seems to breathe with a person’s skin which means that the more effort put into pumping those bicycle pedals the better the cyclist is to put in even more effort. These spandex shorts are perfect for athletic activities of all types.

Eventually, men’s spandex t-shirts were created and put on the market so that men could now wear matching spandex cyclist outfits. Nothing is more colorful and stylish than these matching outfits. Watching the cyclists as they pedal along in their colorful outfits is quite a lot of fun not to mention being almost as beautiful as a rainbow forming a half circle in the sky. Therefore, it is not just the comfort of the spandex but also the appearance. Men do not always have to wear spandex when competing in cyclist events. They can just put them on when they are going out for a bit of a jog or a solo ride.

Mem’s spandex is also perfect for workout clothes when going to the gym. They are comfortable, flattering and, once again, quite colorful to all who might be watching men work out in these clothes. Shorts, long pants, and shirts can all be crafted from spandex and used to for working out or just for relaxing around the house. That is just how comfortable this fabric can be. You can wear it in warm weather and be perfectly cool. You can also wear it in cooler weather and be comfortably warm. The bottom line is that if you have never worn anything made from spandex; it is definitely time that you give it a try. It will most likely greatly surprise you.

Loving Sexy Men’s Spandex


Nothing says sexy like new men’s spandex designs as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think spandex should be the only clothing material in existence right now. I know that will probably piss off all the guys that enjoy wearing latex or wool for whatever reason, but this is how I feel. I have not worn any other material in all my life that has felt as comfortable as spandex. I love the way it molds to my body and how sexy it makes me look when I am wearing something made from it. I just do not get that sexy feeling with other materials that are available these days.

Now there was a time when I thought men’s spandex was a bit odd to be wearing out in public. At least the spandex designs that I kept seeing out in public seemed somewhat strange to me. I could understand wearing them in the bedroom or to one of those really fun parties that I have not gotten invited to just yet. But I could not see why any guy would want to wear something like that out in front of other people. Then I started wearing some of those designs at home and I realized that I wanted to wear them in public just to show them off to anyone that would be willing to look in my direction.


That is when I found out that I had a thing for men’s spandex and I would be willing to do whatever I needed to in order to wear these designs. So I made an effort to make sure that the spandex designs I wore out in public would be acceptable to just about everyone. This way I could start out wearing something that people would accept and move into the more erotic options that I fell in love with later on. Now I am wearing just about any type of spandex I can find as long as it covers up the important bits of my body so that I do not get arrested while out on the town. I might not even worry so much about that one day, though.

Acceptance of Men’s Spandex


There is nothing wrong with wearing men’s spandex all the time as far as I am concerned. In fact, I am one of those guys that thinks you should be allowed to wear whatever you want to as long as you are not running around slapping people in the face with your cock. That might be a little too much for society these days, but if you want to wear some sexy spandex, then I say go for it. There is no reason to not wear it and if you are worried about what other people might think, then figure out how to wear it under your clothing.


I have plenty of men’s spandex items that I wear under my clothing simply because I do not think the people I work with are ready for the truth about me just yet. They had a hard time when I decided to wear a hat to work one day so finding out that I have spandex bikinis on under my pants would probably give them a heart attack or something. Although there are a few people I work with that I would not mind all that much if something like that were to happen to them.

I think wearing men’s spandex items can greatly improve your life if you have the courage to try them. I never thought I would be strong enough to wear something like this even though I fell in love with the look the first time I ever saw them. It took me another ten years before I was able to wear spandex shorts because I was worried about what my family might say. Now I wear spandex just about every day and I hardly care what other people might think about it. I do not go around flaunting most of my items, but I do not really try to keep it a secret all that much, either. Spandex is something that tends to grow on you once you start wearing it regularly. Once that happens, you will never look back.

The Comfort Men’s Spandex


If you are wearing men’s spandex items as often as I do, then you know just how comfortable this material can be. I have worn a lot of different things in my life, but spandex has always been my go to material when I need to relax. There is something about the constricting stretchiness that puts my mind at ease whenever I am wearing it. I am not sure if it is just in my head or not, but this is probably the best material that has ever been created. I do not think I would be living the same life that I am living right now if it was not for my spandex items.

There was a time when I thought that wearing my men’s spandex items as often as I do would end up causing some difficulties in my life, but I have not had any yet. I eventually gave up on that train of thought and came to the conclusion that if my spandex ever did cause any problems for me; I would just stop wearing them. I can honestly say that the only issues I have had was in deciding what designs I should be wearing for any particular day. Other than that, I feel free in ways that normal materials have never been able to offer me.

I think most guys that live with men’s spandex can understand how frustrating it is to decide which design to wear every day, but it is something that we all have to live with. At least I am not so bad that I plan my things out on the previous night. I am pretty sure that if I ever did something like that I would probably never get any sleep because I would insist on wearing each spandex item I own to see how they were going to fit with tomorrow’s clothing options. That would make this more of an obsession than a lifestyle choice I would think. As it is currently, though, I feel that I am right where I want to be.


Men’s Spandex Changes Your Life


Wearing men’s spandex is one of those things that you have to try out in order to truly understand. Unlike other types of clothing that are popular these days, spandex is a timeless accessory that will help you feel young and confident for as long as you wear it. I know this because that is how I feel whenever I am wearing my spandex. It seems like there is nothing that can keep me down when I have my items on and that is something that I have never felt wearing any other type of material.

I know there might be some guys in the world that will think wearing men’s spandex is a bit odd and, to tell the truth; I felt the same way before I started wearing them. I thought that there was something wrong with guys that wore things like this. But, as it turns out; they are so comfortable that the only thing wrong is that there are not more guys wearing spandex out there. I bet that if more guys could look past the designs a bit and just try them out for a day or two; there would be a lot more guys wearing them by the end of the month.

Go out there and have fun with your life in any way possible. I have been because I have started wearing men’s spandex all the time. You will never believe some of the things that I have found myself getting involved in and it all has to do with the spandex items I wear under my clothes. Before spandex I was pretty much another wall flower hanging out in the background. But now I am the life of the party every time and nothing feels better than that kind of attention. Trust me when I say that wearing these spandex items will change your life for the better. It might or might not happen overnight, but it will happen at some point.

Exposing Your Men’s Spandex


I love wearing men’s spandex, but there are times when it is a bit uncooperative for me. I usually find these moments the hard way by thinking my day will be extremely normal so I wear my favorite spandex design. Then, it turns out that the day is anything but normal and I end up having to explain to a roomful of people why I am wearing these items under my clothing. I have had something like that happen to me more than once in the last couple of years and I can promise you that it is not all that much fun.

There was one time when I was wearing my men’s spandex during a high powered business meeting. The bigwigs that ran the company decided that I needed to give some important presentation a few days earlier. So to make sure I was relaxed and comfortable, I decided to throw on my favorite design. I was doing particularly well until I angered a coworker with something I said regarding his particular role in the company. That is when he threw his coffee at me. It would not have been all that bad except I was wearing a white dress shirt that was now stained with coffee.

DSCF4623 Male to female transformation spandex by Koalaswim

As I was trying to get my shirt off he threw the box of jelly doughnuts at me and they hit my pants. I was going to run to the bathroom but security was blocking the door trying to contain the idiot throwing things at me. So I had to strip there and show everyone my sexy men’s spandex I was wearing. It sure shut everyone up, at least long enough to get that deranged lunatic out of the conference room. My boss pulled me into his office later and asked me where I got my spandex. He had been trying to find a design like mine for weeks and was unsuccessful. Sometimes it does pay to wear the right things to work even if they are a little unconventional,

Gaining Strength from Men’s Spandex


Whenever I am wearing my men’s spandex I feel like I can take on the world. It is almost like I am a secret super hero wandering the city in search of criminals to punish. Well, maybe not that bad but I do feel like there is something extraordinary about me and I have to admit to really enjoying that feeling. I am sure that if I stripped off my clothes and started chasing people in my spandex, they wouldn’t be scared of being punished quite as much as they would be scared of me being crazy. But wearing these items makes me feel good and that is all that matters to me.


Some of the men’s spandex designs that I like to wear are probably best kept to the bedroom late at night. I still like wearing them out in public under my clothes but I have to be careful about that. There have been times when I needed to change clothes in front of others such as a gym locker room, and it is really embarrassing to have someone look over and see what I am wearing sometimes. Now, most of my friends already know that I wear stuff like this so it isn’t all that bad for them to see it. But there have been times when strangers were around and I have to say that experience was not fun at all.

I think if you are going to start wearing men’s spandex for the first time you should probably try your best to stick with more common designs. Leave those extra sexy designs for later when you are comfortable with what you are choosing to wear. You don’t want to accidently show someone that you are wearing sexy spandex if they don’t know you that well. Doing something like this has made more than one guy get turned off about wearing spandex for the rest of his life and that is no way to live as far as I am concerned. Be careful and know the person that you are going to reveal your spandex to before it actually happens and you will be fine.