Loving Men’s Spandex


Men’s spandex items are a little puzzling to a lot of people until they slip into a pair of spandex underwear, a swimsuit, and anything else created from spandex. From that first moment when the spandex touches your bare skin, you will most likely be hooked. There is nothing else that can compare to this sensation. Spandex is often spoken of being like a second skin because it appears to breathe along with the body. For instance, if it is warm and you are wearing spandex bicycle shorts, your legs will feel as if they are nothing except comfortable. It has been said that spandex almost has a life of its own. They feel good when it is too hot outside and they feel good when it is cold. Either way, you are in good shape.

These are probably two of the biggest reasons that guys love men’s spandex. Of course, the fact that this is a very flexible material does not hurt. Great workout clothes are created from spandex and they are also very durable. It is for these reasons that there really is not any fabric better than spandex to create workout clothes. Nothing is better because the spandex does react like just like your skin. You will not ever get overly hot or too cold. However, that is not the only reason to choose spandex for your workout clothes. The next reason might surprise you a bit.

Men’s spandex clothing is very sexy. It shows off ever curve and muscle that you have, possibly due to all of that working out in the gym. Just think about how you feel when you see a hot guy dressed in spandex walking by you. Your heart is probably picking up a few beats as you start to feel a bit like you would want to take him home with you and fantasize about all of the delicious things you want to do with and to him. That is the true beauty of spandex.


Wearing Men’s Bikinis and Thongs Even in Winter



Few things in life feel as good as wearing men’s bikinis and thongs out on the beach. Of course with winter setting in that might not be something that some guys are able to enjoy. Wearing things like this out in public can only be truly appreciated when the weather is warm but there are still guys that like wearing them even when the weather isn’t exactly beach friendly. Most of these guys aren’t going to be wearing their men’s bikinis and thongs out in public while it is snowing unless they have them on under their clothes. This can feel very comfortable to some men but others prefer to show off their bodies while they are wearing them. This means they will have to find an indoor pool to visit which might not be as easy as they would think these days. The fact that they want to keep wearing them though is a testament to how great these types of swimwear can be for some guys.


Men’s Spandex for the World to See


Some of the greatest clothing I have ever worn were men’s spandex designs. Now I don’t go around telling people things like that because they would probably look at me like I had lost my mind. Either that or they would start throwing out a thousand questions because they have no idea what spandex designs are. It really is amazing that more people don’t know about this fascinating fetish wear since they see it around them almost every single day. They just don’t realize that what they are seeing is actually made form spandex and not some other material I guess.

I started wearing men’s spandex a long time ago when the only designs you could find were more sexual in nature and you couldn’t be seen in public wearing them. Guys that wore these designs were always trying to hide their fetish and with good reason. But now spandex has made it into the prime clothing aspect of just about everyone on earth. There are so many things made with spandex these days that you can’t really call it much of a fetish based material anymore unless you happen to be wearing something extra special under your regular clothes.

There are still some really sexy men’s spandex designs that you can wear out in public and you don’t have to worry about hiding though. I like wearing thing like that as often as possible even when I do get a few negative looks in the process of walking down the street. Fortunately I don’t think most of those people actually understand what it means to wear something like that out in public because if they did they would see just how courageous guys that do that really are. The point is you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself in ways that don’t hurt anyone and make you happy. If you are afraid then you can still wear things under your clothes but if you don’t care than show off your spandex and let the world get used to seeing you.



From Men’s Spandex to Sex Wear


I have worn a lot of things in my life, being a stage actor and all, but men’s spandex is still my all-time favorite. There is something remarkably calming about wearing a material that fits your body perfectly and still allows you to move like you are completely naked. It doesn’t matter if I am wearing swimwear or a full spandex bodysuit; there is nothing else out there that fits the same way and probably never will be either. I honestly think that more guys need to get out there in the world and try wearing things like this just for the experience alone even if they don’t like it.

How anyone would not like wearing men’s spandex is beyond me but I am sure there are some guys that would find it annoying. But the experience of at least trying something like this is much more important than never trying anything different. Live your life to the fullest each and every day so that you don’t miss out on something that you might actually really enjoy. You can live safe and comfortable in a bubble of your own creation but you aren’t going to have any fun that way. You have to get out there and see the world for what it really is and spandex is the best way for some to do that.


I wouldn’t go for the men’s spandex items that are overtly sexual in nature for the first time but I would definitely throw them into the mix later on. If you can enjoy wearing spandex shorts or something then you know you will like wearing the sex wear items that you can find all over the internet. Trust me, they are worth the uncomfortable feeling that you will have the first time you put them on but once you get used to the way they fit you will want to try out even more designs. Besides, your partner will find it rather provocative that you have decided to spice things up a bit in the bedroom by wearing things like this and that is always a good thing for a relationship.

The Excitement of Men’s Spandex


I find there is something very special about wearing men’s spandex around the house. I don’t really know what it is that I like so much but I feel that I am almost addicted to wearing my spandex items and look forward to slipping into them after working all day. I know it sounds weird especially when you consider that most guys like to show their spandex off to everyone around them, but I really like the relaxing feeling they give me at home. Although there is one thing that I enjoy more than wearing them and that is shopping for them.

There is something border line erotic about looking around online for new men’s spandex items for me. I don’t know what it is really but I tend to get a little excited about looking at all those pictures of spandex online and thinking about how great they would feel wearing them around the house. Of course it makes me want to buy just about every single pair that I see but I am strong enough to not do that. I usually only buy three or four pairs when I am shopping which is why I try not to do that very often.

If you have ever been curious about wearing men’s spandex now is the time to get some. You don’t have to wear them in public if you don’t want to either. You can wear them around the house like I do and still get the same amount of joy from them as everyone else. You just have to be willing to try something you normally wouldn’t do and see if it could be something that you would enjoy. I am pretty sure that once you put something like this on you will definitely enjoy it and you will want to keep wearing them for a very long time.

The Sensation of Men’s Spandex


I have seen a few guys wearing men’s spandex around the park this summer and it got me curious about what other kinds of spandex might be available. I certainly was not ready for what I found, but I am glad that I started looking into this crazy lifestyle. I first noticed that there were a lot of designs available that I had been seeing in public and did not realize that they were actually made from spandex. The next thing I noticed is that the designs seem to change rather quickly into things that I most certainly would not see in public anytime soon.

The realization that there were so many different men’s spandex designs made me realize that I had been living in a rather strange bubble my entire life. Were there actually guys out there wearing some of these more erotic options that I was not privy to? I started looking around for any pictures that I could find of these designs and, sure enough; they were out there. Seeing those pictures got me interested in spandex even more and I simply had to buy something. I wanted to know what it felt like to wear something like this and the only way to do that was to buy a design that I found to be interesting.


I found out the hard way that once you delve into the world of men’s spandex you might never really come back out. Sure, you can stop wearing your spandex and live a normal life, but you will never let go of how that spandex affected you while you were wearing it. This is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life and I really do not have a problem with that. Of course I do not plan on not wearing my spandex any time soon so that I can keep having that feeling I get while I am wearing it. I do not want this sensation to become routine. I always want it to be a special one.

Cautions Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Cautions Men’s Spandex Swimwear

I have seen some great men’s spandex swimwear over the summer and I have seen some that probably should have been left at home. While I do love wearing this type of swimwear, I am going to talk about the ones that need to be left at home. Anyone can go out to the beach and see the type of swimwear that can be worn in public, but only a handful of guys will ever get to see that sexy stuff that should be left in the bedroom. At least there should only be a handful because some of it does get worn out in public and it is totally shocking for everyone around.


Now I am not saying that you cannot wear whatever men’s spandex swimwear you want on the beach, but I am asking that you have a little bit of decency when you do. I have some of these sexy designs that I love wearing to parties and other special events, but taking them out in public is not something that I would ever do. I do have some pride in the manner of my appearance and showing my balls to the world does not fit in with that pride. While you may think it’s sexy as hell, there are others that really do not think its appropriate attire to wear in public.

Having said that, if you are planning on wearing sexy men’s spandex swimwear out in public, you should at least try to find a beach where that is appropriate to do. A lot of public beaches do have rules about what kind of swimwear you can have and it does not take too much research to find out what those rules are. It may not get the same shock appeal that you are looking for walking around a beach where everyone else is dressed just like you, but you will not be subjecting young and old alike to see parts of your body that they do not want to see. Besides, you can easily find clothing optional beaches where you can wear anything you want or nothing at all.

The Perfect Men’s Spandex for a Workout


If you are looking for something fun and light weight to wear while exercising; you might take a look at the newest men’s spandex designs. I will warn you that not all of these designs are created for workouts. This is something that you will understand as soon as you see them although you might think of enjoying another type of working out in the bedroom with your partner as a perfect time to wear them. There are quite a few designs that would be good for something like that and a lot of guys buy them specifically for some bedroom fun.

If you are looking specifically for workout clothes to take the gym though, there are plenty of men’s spandex designs to choose from. They will make your workouts more efficient and make your body look much better than any other types of workout clothes you might have. I personally have a few designs that I take to the gym and a few that I leave in the bedroom. I like to have as many options as possible when it comes to spandex. I even have some that I take out to the beach and can use as swimwear if I ever feel like jumping into the water.

There are so many different choices in men’s spandex that I have actually found myself trying to wear some of my bedroom designs to the gym. I always catch myself before getting out the door, which is probably a good thing. I could just imagine the looks on the faces of everyone who sees me when I walk in sporting something of that nature. I know I would not get much of a workout in as I would be trying to run away from everyone staring at me. Either that or I would end up getting arrested before I even walked into the gym. I think I might have to start keeping my sexy spandex separate from my workout clothes from now on as this is giving me ideas. If they are in separate drawers, this will never be a potential problem again.


Popularity of Men’s Spandex


Over the last several years, men’s spandex has become quite popular among all sorts of groups of men. It seemed that this fashion trend may have started among bicyclists who competed in marathons. There were such things as cyclist shorts created from spandex and were worn anytime men decided to indulge themselves in a bit of bicycle riding. This material proved to be a very comfortable exercise fabric. It seems to breathe with a person’s skin which means that the more effort put into pumping those bicycle pedals the better the cyclist is to put in even more effort. These spandex shorts are perfect for athletic activities of all types.

Eventually, men’s spandex t-shirts were created and put on the market so that men could now wear matching spandex cyclist outfits. Nothing is more colorful and stylish than these matching outfits. Watching the cyclists as they pedal along in their colorful outfits is quite a lot of fun not to mention being almost as beautiful as a rainbow forming a half circle in the sky. Therefore, it is not just the comfort of the spandex but also the appearance. Men do not always have to wear spandex when competing in cyclist events. They can just put them on when they are going out for a bit of a jog or a solo ride.

Mem’s spandex is also perfect for workout clothes when going to the gym. They are comfortable, flattering and, once again, quite colorful to all who might be watching men work out in these clothes. Shorts, long pants, and shirts can all be crafted from spandex and used to for working out or just for relaxing around the house. That is just how comfortable this fabric can be. You can wear it in warm weather and be perfectly cool. You can also wear it in cooler weather and be comfortably warm. The bottom line is that if you have never worn anything made from spandex; it is definitely time that you give it a try. It will most likely greatly surprise you.

Loving Sexy Men’s Spandex


Nothing says sexy like new men’s spandex designs as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think spandex should be the only clothing material in existence right now. I know that will probably piss off all the guys that enjoy wearing latex or wool for whatever reason, but this is how I feel. I have not worn any other material in all my life that has felt as comfortable as spandex. I love the way it molds to my body and how sexy it makes me look when I am wearing something made from it. I just do not get that sexy feeling with other materials that are available these days.

Now there was a time when I thought men’s spandex was a bit odd to be wearing out in public. At least the spandex designs that I kept seeing out in public seemed somewhat strange to me. I could understand wearing them in the bedroom or to one of those really fun parties that I have not gotten invited to just yet. But I could not see why any guy would want to wear something like that out in front of other people. Then I started wearing some of those designs at home and I realized that I wanted to wear them in public just to show them off to anyone that would be willing to look in my direction.


That is when I found out that I had a thing for men’s spandex and I would be willing to do whatever I needed to in order to wear these designs. So I made an effort to make sure that the spandex designs I wore out in public would be acceptable to just about everyone. This way I could start out wearing something that people would accept and move into the more erotic options that I fell in love with later on. Now I am wearing just about any type of spandex I can find as long as it covers up the important bits of my body so that I do not get arrested while out on the town. I might not even worry so much about that one day, though.