Daring to Wear Mens Spandex


When it comes to wearing mens spandex, I think the skimpier the sexier. I love the feel of something tight against my body and spandex can definitely get tight. On the other hand, if it isn’t just barely covering up certain parts of my anatomy, then I won’t wear it. I have to know that I might fall out of that skimpy little spandex item if I make the wrong movement or it just doesn’t do anything for me. I have friends that love wearing full spandex body suits, but that just seems like a waste of money and spandex as far as I am concerned. I could get ten or fifteen swimsuits out of something that big.

I know that mens spandex is a personal choice and all, but I think you should try some of the items I love before you make a final choice. Try something like a micro spandex swimsuit and see how sexy your body is before going out and buying a full body suit. Sure, you might like the constricting aspect of the body suit, but you are going to love the fact that your balls are being shown off in that little spandex swimsuit of yours.

You think you are going to love wearing skimpy mens spandex items, just think about what your partner is going to say. My partner loves it when I am doing chores around the house while wearing something that shows off my body to perfection. Of course that ends up with me not getting any of the chores done, but it does end up with me getting done so it works out just fine. Try something made from spandex no matter what the design and see how your life could be changed for the better. There are times in life when you really need to be more daring and spandex is a perfect thing to be daring in.



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