Life Changing Men’s Spandex

Life Changing Mens Spandex

Wearing men’s spandex items has changed my life over the last couple of years. I started this little journey a few decades ago when spandex running shorts were all the rage. However, while everyone else seemed to think it a passing phase, I found myself eager to try other kinds of spandex based action wear. Of course there wasn’t all that much available back then so I had to settle with just wearing those shorts all the time. People looked at me funny and made insulting comments about them, but I kept wearing them regardless because I enjoyed them.

After a few years, mens spandex started becoming quite the fetish in the underworld sex scene. I started drifting in that direction and found a whole new aspect to wearing this wonderful material. I found that full spandex body suits could be purchased and worn for a little constricting fun at certain clubs. In addition, I found that you could purchase underclothes that you could wear everywhere you went and still enjoy spandex without people knowing about them. Now most of the material in clothes has some kind of spandex basis to it and most people don’t even know that.


I went from wearing mens spandex jogging shorts to some of the sexiest underwear you could ever imagine within a few short years and I have never been happier. If I ever thought that I was going to grow out of wearing my spandex I would probably check myself into a hospital because I would be missing something inside. This material has brought about every emotion I have ever lived through and has been a major aspect in some of the best memories I have ever had. There is nothing in this universe that could keep me from wearing my spandex and enjoying my life because of them. I just hope that the styles keep changing with the times and I don’t get too old to try them out.

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