Discovering Mens Spandex


There has been a lot of talk about mens spandex recently and it got me curious as to what this spandex thing is all about. The only spandex I ever knew about was the stuff that you bought for riding bikes or going jogging way back when. When I stopped seeing people working out in spandex based shorts, I figured the material had lived its life in honor and passed away from existence. Apparently, however, there has been some kind of revival over the years and there are thousands of different designs to choose from, which made me very curious.

So I started looking around at some of these online sites that were offering mens spandex to see why so many men were excited over this particular fabric. Needless to say, my curiosity went into overdrive once I figured out that the sexiest items I had ever seen were being made from spandex. I had seen these designs all over the beach and never even knew that they were made from spandex material. I was shocked that I hadn’t realized any of this sooner, but what really got me was the amount of sex wear that was being made from this fascinating material.


What I thought of as the ultimate mens spandex design, being the workout clothes in the 1980’s, turned into bedroom fun the likes of which I could never have imagined in the past. I was so surprised that I ended up buying well over $300 worth of spandex items just so I could try them on for myself. I am pretty sure that this is when I first became hooked on spandex, and I will stay that way for as long as I possibly can now. I love having and wearing spandex, and I look forward to buying even more of these items in the years to come.

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