Delighting in Mens Spandex

  Of all the various types of fabrics that you can choose from to form a strong affinity with; mens spandex is right up there among the most popular. There are many reasons for this but the main one is most likely the way it feels against the bare skin. Many men compare it to […]

Gaining Popularity of Mens Spandex

  It doesn’t take much to wear mens spandex items these days. I noticed that a few years ago there weren’t that many guys wearing different styles of swimwear in public, but now they are everywhere. Most of the designs that I have seen in the last few months have been made out of spandex, […]

A Fondness for Mens Spandex

  Something that is a rather open secret these days is just how much many guys love mens spandex and all items created from it. Lots of communities harbor groups known as spandex men and it is love of spandex that has brought all of those guys together. They do such things like have parties […]

Pay Attention to Your Men’s Spandex Design

  There are a lot of different mens spandex designs available these days and you really have to pay attention to what you are getting involved in because of that. I love wearing spandex as often as I can, but there are times when I accidently buy something that I truly wasn’t ready to wear. […]

The Desire for Mens Spandex

  Mens spandex is in demand by a very large portion of the male population all over the world. To these men, nothing quite matches the sensation of this fabulous fabric sliding sensuously against their bare bodies. It is used to create styles of all sorts that men love to live in no matter where […]