A Fondness for Mens Spandex


Something that is a rather open secret these days is just how much many guys love mens spandex and all items created from it. Lots of communities harbor groups known as spandex men and it is love of spandex that has brought all of those guys together. They do such things like have parties where all the guys come dressed in some sort of spandex items. Sometimes these are just swimsuits of various styles and other times, men arrive in full body spandex suits. It just depends on what sort of party it is and what dress requirements are dictated. No matter what, these guys attending the parties of this nature always have a blast.

Another way of showing a fondness for mens spandex is by simply wearing it all the time where it is underneath street clothes in the form of underwear or while relaxing around the house wearing nothing except a pair of spandex bikinis or shorts. No one even has to know that these guys are wearing spandex but most of them prefer not to keep it a big secret. They want to share it with others so that they can, possibly, recruit some new members to the spandex man sector.  That’s the thing about this fabulous fabric; once you have slipped it next to your body, you will be sold on it, too. Very few men have ever worn spandex and not immediately fallen in love with it.


Wearing mens spandex is an extremely special experience and should not be missed. This is true whether you decide to become a card carrying member of a spandex mens club or not. All men should enjoy at least one of those moments when they slide on those spandex shorts, bikinis, or underwear. For the majority of these men, it turns into a lifetime of joy. The others at least had the chance to see what they were missing in life.

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