Looking for More Chances to Enjoy my Men’s Spandex

  I absolutely love wearing men’s spandex items whenever I have the chance. Now you have to understand that I am a professional and spend way too much time in the office. I don’t get the opportunity to just sit back and relax all that much these days so having something like spandex in my […]

Appreciating the Comfort of Mens Spandex

Appreciating the Comfort of Mens Spandex Wearing mens spandex to the beach is the best feeling in the world. At least it would be if I only had a beach nearby. As it is I have to travel for a couple of hours before I end up at the beach and, by that time, I […]

Helping My Friends Understand Mens Spandex

  A lot of mens spandex swimwear designs are based on what guys want to wear on the beach that is different from what they are normally wearing. I am perfectly fine with wearing things like this since I am usually wearing regular shorts out on the beach whenever I go. I was never one to […]

The Types of Guys that Wear Mens Spandex

  The feeling of wearing mens spandex is different for every guy. Some guys find it comfortable but are too self-conscious to wear anything like this out in public. They feel that everyone will be staring at them and making fun of them if they are seen walking around in something that skimpy. Unfortunately, there […]