Looking for More Chances to Enjoy my Men’s Spandex


I absolutely love wearing men’s spandex items whenever I have the chance. Now you have to understand that I am a professional and spend way too much time in the office. I don’t get the opportunity to just sit back and relax all that much these days so having something like spandex in my wardrobe gives me the chance to really enjoy my down time. That usually means that the one day a week I get off from work, I am wearing nothing except spandex from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.

I have tried to wear my mens spandex to the office a couple of times, but it never works out very well for me. I always end up wanting to spend more time sitting back with my feet up than doing any actual work. That is just because I am wearing something under my suit while I am in the office too. Could you imagine what would happen if I was wearing nothing except spandex around the office? I couldn’t get fired for it, though, since I own the company. However, I am reasonably sure that my employees would be spreading all kind of rumors around the office if they ever saw me like that.


Spandex with anal hole spreader


I have thought about taking a couple extra days off every week so that I might enjoy my mens spandex a little bit more. It’s not like I have to be at the office all the time although things would probably fall apart if I weren’t there. Maybe I could schedule a couple of “meetings” that I could go to in order to have some quiet time with just me and my spandex. I think I will start looking into doing just that in a couple of weeks. No one will ever figure out what is really happening.

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