Mens Spandex and Camping


I have tried on a lot of different mens spandex designs lately and I think every single one of them felt great. I know that I won’t be able to wear all of them out in public, but I have found a few that I want to show off to that special someone in my life. I am sure that would be a rather interesting night when they see what I have to wear. However, as far as the designs that I can wear out in public go, there are some that I am looking forward to wearing this very weekend.

I have seen plenty of other guys wearing mens spandex designs on the beach and even a couple at the local pool. But I am planning on spending the weekend out in the mountains and I think the spandex designs I am bringing with me will fit perfectly. I don’t think there will be that many people walking by my campsite so I can pretty much wear whatever I want. Of course if someone did walk by and see me, then they would probably think I was crazy and they wouldn’t bother me anyway. Seriously, who wears things like this while camping?


Tiny shaved penis and balls being stretched larger using spandex fetish wear.



That is just one more reason for me to wear my mens spandex designs every chance I get. I love the attention that I get while wearing them at the beach although I also relish the seclusion I can have while wearing them in places no one would expect them to be worn. Maybe I am a bit crazy for wanting to wear my spandex while camping, but you shouldn’t be judging me until you are strolling across a field of wildflowers while wearing the sexiest spandex item you could ever imagine. It’s almost like you feel that you are being filmed for one of those feminine product commercials. However, I promise you that these are totally masculine.


Is there anything more hot than a man in a bikini, thong, G-string, Speedo, spandex tights, spandex shorts or spandex fetish wear. Spandex is made to get you hard!