The Joys of Mens Spandex and Solitude


Some of the mens spandex items I currently have will never be seen by the public. The main reason for this is that they are way too sexy to be taking out to the beach. I thought about wearing them to one of those clothing optional beaches, but I am pretty sure that I would get into trouble doing that. You see, these designs make me extremely hard while I am wearing them and I don’t think walking around showing off an erection is something that people will accept even on a clothing optional beach.

I could be wrong, but I would rather be wrong than into trouble because my mens spandex designs were acceptable in public. I will just have to wait until I see other guys walking around in the same designs before I go out and show my cock to the world. If that never happens, I will still get the chance to enjoy them around the house, which is what I bought them for anyway. Besides, I prefer to enjoy them in solitude anyway so that I can have some fun on my own without having to deal with someone else being there.

I have tried wearing my sexy mens spandex with someone else at my place but it never works out the way I imagine it would. I have had people laugh at me or even get upset and run out the door because I am showing off too much skin for them. I just want one person to stare and tell me how sexy I look in them, but that never happens. Oh well, I am going to keep wearing them no matter what. I love the sensation of spandex against my skin and I don’t care if other people think there is something wrong for me for wearing them. It is something that makes me happy and gives a me a feeling of well-being. Why would I ever want to give up that?


No model today just me in a Brazilian bikini



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