Loving Mens Spandex Designs

  If you have no idea what mens spandex is all about, then I feel bad for you. This is probably one of the greatest materials mankind has ever created and I think everyone should be wearing it. Spandex gives you the comfort of being completely nude without showing off everything you have. Of course […]

Mens Spandex of Today

  A lot of new designs in mens spandex swimwear are hitting the stores these days, which is something I am thankful for. I used to wear spandex shorts all the time and absolutely loved them. Being a lead singer in an 80’s style hair band helped me wear them in public all the time, too. […]

Showing off my Body in Mens Spandex

  There are a lot of things about mens spandex that I really like, but I think the best feature is the way I look while I am wearing them. I have one of those bodies that I feel everyone should take notice of when I am out in public and spandex is the best […]