Mens Spandex of Today


A lot of new designs in mens spandex swimwear are hitting the stores these days, which is something I am thankful for. I used to wear spandex shorts all the time and absolutely loved them. Being a lead singer in an 80’s style hair band helped me wear them in public all the time, too. Now, though, I have gotten a bit older and I don’t have the hair anymore. However, I still want to wear spandex every day even though my old shorts seem to be out of style these days. That is where these new designs have come in very handy for me.

Instead of walking around in mens spandex shorts like I used to, now I can hold down a professional job and wear my spandex items under my clothing. Once I get home, I can take off my clothes and lounge by my pool in whatever spandex I want. I would love to be able to just walk around at work in them, but the spandex that I wear these days is a bit more erotic in nature. I gave up wearing shorts and moved right into the spandex based sex wear. Wearing stuff like that around work probably wouldn’t be such a good idea.


On the other hand, being able to wear this kind of mens spandex, even if it is under my clothes throughout the day, has given me something of my youth back. I remember what it was like being a singer in a metal band back then and I loved being able to wear spandex all the time and get noticed. Now, I might not get noticed as much as I used to since no one can see my spandex under my pants, but I still have that carefree feeling whenever I have them on. I just hope that my body stays in shape as I get older so that I can keep wearing them. That will be left up to me, I suppose, and how much effort I am willing to put into keeping my body a sexy, well-oiled machine.

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