How to Enjoy Mens Spandex in Secret


A lot of mens spandex designs are created in a manner that makes them easy to hide if you absolutely need to do that. I find that to be rather handy because a lot of people in the circles that I hang out in wouldn’t understand why I was wearing something like this. They would think there was either something wrong with me or that I was some kind of pervert for wanting to wear items like this. They don’t understand the amount of comfort I get from wearing spandex and trying to explain it to them would be a huge waste of time on my part.

I have mens spandex items that I can wear without hiding them under other clothing and these people still wouldn’t understand why I was wearing them. They might not look at them the same as they would if I was wearing my more erotic versions, but they still wouldn’t accept me in them. It’s really sad that people can’t see past what someone is wearing and get a good look at the happiness that is present in that person’s eyes. If they would only try one spandex item on, they would understand why it is that I choose to wear this magnificent material in the first place.


I guess it is a good thing that these people don’t wear mens spandex like I do, though. If everyone in the world decided to wear spandex, then I would probably have to find something different to wear in order to feel special. There wouldn’t be any special designs or anything for me to wear because everyone else would have them. If you think about it that way; then there is a good reason to keep things like this hidden from everyone else. Maybe one of these days people will catch on to what spandex can offer them. Until then, I will keep my little secret to myself and keep enjoying it.


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