The Men’s Spandex Explosion


So many years ago, mens spandex garments were not all that familiar to the public. It was only until cycling became a huge sport for men that spandex started to be introduced on the active wear market in a big way. When it was discovered that this material was not only so comfortable that it felt as if you were wearing nothing at all, but it adjusted to the weather and the way that your skin responded to heat or cold. Men know that cycling is hard work and can be very tiring. They quickly found that spandex allowed them to remain a lot more comfortable for a longer period of time on the bicycles. In short, spandex was perfect for this sport.

Soon it became clear that mens spandex items were comfortable for any sportswear and hit the market with an explosion that was rivaled by few things. Once men discovered all of the benefits of spandex, stores and shops could not seem to keep spandex items stocked, and this included high end stores such as Macy’s. No longer were men reduced to sneaking around on the internet for websites that sold spandex items with quality that was questionable at best. Now, men can just walk into nearly any store that carries mens sports wear clothing and find exactly what they want in spandex. There is no long any shame in purchasing spandex.


Of course, mens spandex items will always carry a bit of a stigma to it regarding it as fetish material because of the sensations that it can produce when worn against bare skin. But, in the end, who really cares about that? Your private life is your private life and that is all that should matter. Admittedly, there are plenty of spandex items used in fetish situations but that only means that it brings a lot of pleasure into the lives of many men as well as any women that are involved in it.

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