Using Mens Spandex as a Reward for Working Hard


Nothing is more rewarding to me than wearing mens spandex fashions when I get home from work. No matter what kind of day I am having at work, I can always look forward to going home and relaxing in my spandex. I think more people should have something like this in their lives so that they can get rid of any stress that might have been building up inside of them. I know that I am much happier now that I have accepted the fact that I can wear spandex at home. The only problem is that I do have to keep myself from wearing any at work.

When I have tried wearing mens spandex to work, I always find myself doing less. I think it is the mood that wearing my spandex puts me in or something because I just can’t seem to focus on anything else. I end up getting so relaxed that I don’t want to even be at work. That is when I start daydreaming about all the things I could be doing in my life instead of sitting at my desk. While it can be fun to pass some time in that manner, it really isn’t productive and has caused a few issues with my boss in the past.

That is why I now keep my mens spandex as a kind of reward for working hard every day. Although there are quite a few days when working hard isn’t exactly something that I had accomplished and I still wear my spandex. Basically, I go out and live my life through the day just so I can come home and put on my spandex. Really, nothing else matters to me besides my spandex and, if I could find a way of wearing spandex all day, every day, then I would and have no issues with it. Unfortunately, I need to have money in order to buy more spandex. That is why, for now at least, this is something that works for me.


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