Acceptance of Men’s Spandex


There is nothing wrong with wearing men’s spandex all the time as far as I am concerned. In fact, I am one of those guys that thinks you should be allowed to wear whatever you want to as long as you are not running around slapping people in the face with your cock. That might be a little too much for society these days, but if you want to wear some sexy spandex, then I say go for it. There is no reason to not wear it and if you are worried about what other people might think, then figure out how to wear it under your clothing.


I have plenty of men’s spandex items that I wear under my clothing simply because I do not think the people I work with are ready for the truth about me just yet. They had a hard time when I decided to wear a hat to work one day so finding out that I have spandex bikinis on under my pants would probably give them a heart attack or something. Although there are a few people I work with that I would not mind all that much if something like that were to happen to them.

I think wearing men’s spandex items can greatly improve your life if you have the courage to try them. I never thought I would be strong enough to wear something like this even though I fell in love with the look the first time I ever saw them. It took me another ten years before I was able to wear spandex shorts because I was worried about what my family might say. Now I wear spandex just about every day and I hardly care what other people might think about it. I do not go around flaunting most of my items, but I do not really try to keep it a secret all that much, either. Spandex is something that tends to grow on you once you start wearing it regularly. Once that happens, you will never look back.

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