Cautions Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Cautions Men’s Spandex Swimwear

I have seen some great men’s spandex swimwear over the summer and I have seen some that probably should have been left at home. While I do love wearing this type of swimwear, I am going to talk about the ones that need to be left at home. Anyone can go out to the beach and see the type of swimwear that can be worn in public, but only a handful of guys will ever get to see that sexy stuff that should be left in the bedroom. At least there should only be a handful because some of it does get worn out in public and it is totally shocking for everyone around.


Now I am not saying that you cannot wear whatever men’s spandex swimwear you want on the beach, but I am asking that you have a little bit of decency when you do. I have some of these sexy designs that I love wearing to parties and other special events, but taking them out in public is not something that I would ever do. I do have some pride in the manner of my appearance and showing my balls to the world does not fit in with that pride. While you may think it’s sexy as hell, there are others that really do not think its appropriate attire to wear in public.

Having said that, if you are planning on wearing sexy men’s spandex swimwear out in public, you should at least try to find a beach where that is appropriate to do. A lot of public beaches do have rules about what kind of swimwear you can have and it does not take too much research to find out what those rules are. It may not get the same shock appeal that you are looking for walking around a beach where everyone else is dressed just like you, but you will not be subjecting young and old alike to see parts of your body that they do not want to see. Besides, you can easily find clothing optional beaches where you can wear anything you want or nothing at all.

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