The Pros and Cons of Mens Spandex


When people hear spandex, they typically get visuals of ridiculous outfits on 80’s hair metal bands. This is one of many images that come to mind, but mens spandex has come a long way since the 80’s. In the modern age, spandex has been seamlessly woven into different blends of underwear and exercise attire. Spandex can bring about negative opinions in terms of its inability to retain elasticity over a long period of time, but that does not render the fabric useless. One of the most common complaints about this material is that it also does not breathe well. In comparison to other fabrics, spandex has a notable lack of absorption. When going for a jog or an aggressive workout, sweat can become quite a nuisance. You may be questioning at this point if spandex is at all beneficial to wear. Just think of all of the professional athletes you see on television that are wearing spandex during routines. The athletic community has obviously found the positive side of mens spandex.


Spandex is stretchy! Elasticity is its main selling point. If you start out overweight, hit the gym and start building up muscle, the spandex shrinks and stretches to accommodate your changing body size. You do not have to buy new spandex clothes every time you drop ten pounds or put on a little bit of muscle. Its ability to mold to the wearer’s figure is part of what makes spandex a more financially appealing option.

Mens spandex is also a great look for many fit men. Guys who spend hours at the gym every week may enjoy a way to show off their gains. Spandex conforms to the skin to accentuate every rippling muscle. You can stride in pride with spandex shorts as opposed to baggy athletic shorts. Spandex underwear is also great for holding all of your manhood in place during more vigorous workouts. Loose fitting clothes don’t offer the same security as spandex. Though there may be cons to wearing spandex, some could say the pros outweigh them.

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