Men’s Spandex Body Suits Make Me Feel Good About Myself


One of the main reasons that I started wearing men’s spandex was because I was working out a lot. I felt that wearing something light weight and flexible would be perfect for my strenuous workouts. As it turns out, happily, I was right. There is nothing better than spandex if you are planning on getting into shape. Not only do you have the freedom of movement you need for your exercises, but the close fit allows you to see what parts of your body you need to work on the most. Of course, I did start out only wearing shorts and that did not really show all that much at first.

It was not until I started finding out that there were full body suits made from mens spandex that I realized they could be useful for finding those places I needed to work on more closely. The funny thing is that once I started wearing those full body designs, I started falling in love with them. I was wearing them after my workouts more and more. I could not get that feeling of needing to wear them out of my mind. At first, I thought my workouts had gone over into an addiction type mindset, but that was not the problem. In fact, I was starting to workout less because I already knew that I looked good.

Now I tend to slip into my mens spandex and then into my work clothes. I am constantly wearing my spandex suits because they make me feel comfortable. It does help that they show off my body in ways that other types of material can’t manage but the comfort is a bit more important to me at this stage. Nothing beats sitting at work and being the only guy that not only looks good, but feels really good about the choices in his life. That is something that I think more guys out there need to consider for their own happiness. Maybe wearing some of these spandex body suits would be just the thing they needed to bump up their self-confidence.


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