Showing off my Body in Mens Spandex

  There are a lot of things about mens spandex that I really like, but I think the best feature is the way I look while I am wearing them. I have one of those bodies that I feel everyone should take notice of when I am out in public and spandex is the best […]

Mens Spandex for Public Appreciation

Some of the sexiest mens spandex I have ever seen was never meant to be worn out in public. I can understand since one of those items was a full blown body suit that had the crotch cut out of it. I could just imagine walking down the sidewalk in something like that. It probably […]

Men’s Spandex to Look Your Hottest

  There is just something about men’s spandex that tend to make most men that wear garments made from this versatile material look hotter than they would have ever dreamed. It really does not matter what these garments are, either. They can be swimsuits, workout clothes, bicycle shorts, and the list goes on and on. […]