Kick Back in Some Men’s Spandex

Kick Back in Some Men’s Spandex One of the many advantages to guys wearing men’s spandex is just how comfortable they are. Actually, many men wear their spandex in various ways. This includes underwear as well as swimsuits. The guys that turn to spandex items in order to just kick back and relax after a […]

The Pros and Cons of Mens Spandex

  When people hear spandex, they typically get visuals of ridiculous outfits on 80’s hair metal bands. This is one of many images that come to mind, but mens spandex has come a long way since the 80’s. In the modern age, spandex has been seamlessly woven into different blends of underwear and exercise attire. […]

Searching for Mens Spandex Items

  Spandex for mens spandex has become some of the most popular and sought after fabric of them all. There are several reasons for this popularity and want of this material. For one thing, they act as a double skin as they tend to breathe right along with your body. Most men say that spandex […]

Mens Spandex in All Styles

  If you happen to be a guy who is in love with all things spandex, you probably are already aware of this fact but if not, you are in for a tremendous surprise. These days, mens spandex is available in just about any style that you can imagine. Your choices include underwear, swim suits […]

Men’s Spandex Items

  Men’s spandex items have become more popular all the time. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, this fabric clings to your body like a second skin. This can make all the difference in a successful workout session or one that simply fails because you get too hot and uncomfortable. Spandex stretches […]

Loving Men’s Spandex

  Men’s spandex items are a little puzzling to a lot of people until they slip into a pair of spandex underwear, a swimsuit, and anything else created from spandex. From that first moment when the spandex touches your bare skin, you will most likely be hooked. There is nothing else that can compare to […]

Mens Spandex of Today

  A lot of new designs in mens spandex swimwear are hitting the stores these days, which is something I am thankful for. I used to wear spandex shorts all the time and absolutely loved them. Being a lead singer in an 80’s style hair band helped me wear them in public all the time, too. […]

Showing off my Body in Mens Spandex

  There are a lot of things about mens spandex that I really like, but I think the best feature is the way I look while I am wearing them. I have one of those bodies that I feel everyone should take notice of when I am out in public and spandex is the best […]

Mens Spandex Designs

  I have seen my fair share of mens spandex items over the years and can understand why so many guys have started wearing them. Of course, there was a time when I hated everything about spandex and the way that it showed off the body. There was something extremely unsettling about the way some […]

Appreciating the Comfort of Mens Spandex

Appreciating the Comfort of Mens Spandex Wearing mens spandex to the beach is the best feeling in the world. At least it would be if I only had a beach nearby. As it is I have to travel for a couple of hours before I end up at the beach and, by that time, I […]