Mens Spandex in All Styles

  If you happen to be a guy who is in love with all things spandex, you probably are already aware of this fact but if not, you are in for a tremendous surprise. These days, mens spandex is available in just about any style that you can imagine. Your choices include underwear, swim suits […]

Men’s Spandex More Popular Every Day

Men’s Spandex More Popular Every Day Men’s spandex items are becoming more popular and sought after all the time. There are plenty of these garments on the market and more are being created every day by some very talented designers. You can find spandex swimsuits of all styles along with underwear, G-strings, workout clothes, cycling […]

Mens Spandex and Camping

  I have tried on a lot of different mens spandex designs lately and I think every single one of them felt great. I know that I won’t be able to wear all of them out in public, but I have found a few that I want to show off to that special someone in […]

Men’s Spandex

I love men’s spandex. I love the way it feels on my body and I love the way it looks. I enjoy wearing bikinis, thongs, spandex micro shorts, spandex tights, G-strings, pouch suits, extreme men’s swimwear in fact I love wearing just about and type of men’s spandex designs. It is a huge fetish of mine […]