Men’s Spandex how small can you go?

Men’s Spandex I absolutely love wearing men’s spandex out on the beach and getting all the looks from the people around me. I always feel like I am the one showing these people what the world is really like whether they know it or not. The sad thing is that most of the people that […]

Men’s spandex is fun!

Men’s Spandex Men’s spandex items have been around for a very long time. It is only in recent years that this amazing material has been brought out into the open and worn by men in public. There are spandex swimsuits, underwear, cycling shorts, workout clothes and many other items created from spandex. It seems to […]

A Men’s Spandex Workout

A Men’s Spandex Workout With so many people into fitness these days, you might be interested in engaging in a bit of a men’s spandex workout. It really is not any different from an ordinary workout except for the fact that guys perform it while wearing spandex. That might not be a surprise to lots […]

Kick Back in Some Men’s Spandex

Kick Back in Some Men’s Spandex One of the many advantages to guys wearing men’s spandex is just how comfortable they are. Actually, many men wear their spandex in various ways. This includes underwear as well as swimsuits. The guys that turn to spandex items in order to just kick back and relax after a […]

Slipping into Men’s Spandex

Slipping into Men’s Spandex For many guys, there is nothing quite like slipping into men’s spandex. It does not seem to matter what garment it is; swimsuit, cycling shorts, or bodysuit. This material is just something that truly excites most people. That means that it is not only men who love this fabulous fabric. Women […]

The Looks You Get While Wearing Men’s Spandex

The Looks You Get While Wearing Men’s Spandex There is something about men’s spandex that I really enjoy. I mean, they are all extremely comfortable and everything, but there is something about them that I really can’t put words to. It is almost like the feeling I have when I wrap up in a warm […]

Looking Hot and Sexy in Men’s Spandex

  Men’s spandex items are not such an unknown these days. In fact, spandex started hitting the scene many years ago. Granted, it was not always readily acceptable or even approved of for a long time. However, once the Olympic swimming and diving teams for the United States started wearing these spandex bikinis for men, […]

Men’s Spandex to Start Your Gym Journey

  Men’s spandex has a deeper purpose than most people realize. You have spent years as a couch potato. Your stomach is soft, your arms are flabby, and your ass is saggy and shapeless. You have finally had enough of looking and feeling like a shriveled water balloon. You have had a gym membership for […]

Men’s Spandex and Fashion

  In the ever-changing, wild world of fashion, there now dwells men’s spandex. This fabric is almost the underdog of the fashion community, but it is making its own comeback. You see, spandex has always been seen as a bit of a joke. This material has often been used to mock overly effeminate or overly […]

The Pros and Cons of Mens Spandex

  When people hear spandex, they typically get visuals of ridiculous outfits on 80’s hair metal bands. This is one of many images that come to mind, but mens spandex has come a long way since the 80’s. In the modern age, spandex has been seamlessly woven into different blends of underwear and exercise attire. […]