Showing off my Body in Mens Spandex


There are a lot of things about mens spandex that I really like, but I think the best feature is the way I look while I am wearing them. I have one of those bodies that I feel everyone should take notice of when I am out in public and spandex is the best way to accomplish that for me. I would rather just walk around completely naked, but I know that there are a lot of people out there that don’t agree with that kind of lifestyle. So I choose the tightest and sexiest spandex I can find to wear out around people instead.

By wearing my mens spandex swimwear out in public, I am assuring that people get a great look at what I have to offer without actually offending anyone. Sure, there might be a handful of people that don’t want to see a sexy man walking around in tight spandex, but there are a lot more out there that actually enjoy seeing things like that. I know this because of the amount of compliments that I tend to get while I am wearing my spandex in public. All those compliments might have gone a bit towards increasing the size of my ego, but that is perfectly okay with me.


Bikini with built in Ass Spark. The most stimulating swimsuit you will ever wear to the beach!


You have to have a big ego in order to wear the mens spandex items that I like to wear, anyway. At first, I had no confidence and no ego and felt ashamed to walk around in my spandex. But now I look at it as a public service to show people that there are other ways of looking good on the beach. I feel that I am helping people with their own confidence issues by giving them the opportunity to see what a real man looks like walking down the beach in something sexy. Hopefully, they will take something positive from that and purchase their own items to wear. Then my job will be done.


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