Loving Sexy Men’s Spandex


Nothing says sexy like new men’s spandex designs as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think spandex should be the only clothing material in existence right now. I know that will probably piss off all the guys that enjoy wearing latex or wool for whatever reason, but this is how I feel. I have not worn any other material in all my life that has felt as comfortable as spandex. I love the way it molds to my body and how sexy it makes me look when I am wearing something made from it. I just do not get that sexy feeling with other materials that are available these days.

Now there was a time when I thought men’s spandex was a bit odd to be wearing out in public. At least the spandex designs that I kept seeing out in public seemed somewhat strange to me. I could understand wearing them in the bedroom or to one of those really fun parties that I have not gotten invited to just yet. But I could not see why any guy would want to wear something like that out in front of other people. Then I started wearing some of those designs at home and I realized that I wanted to wear them in public just to show them off to anyone that would be willing to look in my direction.


That is when I found out that I had a thing for men’s spandex and I would be willing to do whatever I needed to in order to wear these designs. So I made an effort to make sure that the spandex designs I wore out in public would be acceptable to just about everyone. This way I could start out wearing something that people would accept and move into the more erotic options that I fell in love with later on. Now I am wearing just about any type of spandex I can find as long as it covers up the important bits of my body so that I do not get arrested while out on the town. I might not even worry so much about that one day, though.