The Sensation of Men’s Spandex


I have seen a few guys wearing men’s spandex around the park this summer and it got me curious about what other kinds of spandex might be available. I certainly was not ready for what I found, but I am glad that I started looking into this crazy lifestyle. I first noticed that there were a lot of designs available that I had been seeing in public and did not realize that they were actually made from spandex. The next thing I noticed is that the designs seem to change rather quickly into things that I most certainly would not see in public anytime soon.

The realization that there were so many different men’s spandex designs made me realize that I had been living in a rather strange bubble my entire life. Were there actually guys out there wearing some of these more erotic options that I was not privy to? I started looking around for any pictures that I could find of these designs and, sure enough; they were out there. Seeing those pictures got me interested in spandex even more and I simply had to buy something. I wanted to know what it felt like to wear something like this and the only way to do that was to buy a design that I found to be interesting.


I found out the hard way that once you delve into the world of men’s spandex you might never really come back out. Sure, you can stop wearing your spandex and live a normal life, but you will never let go of how that spandex affected you while you were wearing it. This is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life and I really do not have a problem with that. Of course I do not plan on not wearing my spandex any time soon so that I can keep having that feeling I get while I am wearing it. I do not want this sensation to become routine. I always want it to be a special one.

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