I Might Have a Mens Spandex Phobia

  I love wearing mens spandex but there are times when I can get tired of having it on. Sometimes I just want to wear something normal like everyone else but I can’t. The reason I can’t wear normal clothing is that I have been spoiled by the great fit and comfort of spandex for […]

The Diversity Mens Spandex

  One of the things about mens spandex that I really enjoy is the diversity of the designs that are available. I never thought I would be one of those guys walking around in things made out of spandex when it first came out but now it is something I just can’t live without. I […]

Appreciating Mens Spandex Fashions

  Nothing is better than finding a new mens spandex item that I do not own yet. I feel like one of those people that would go to an antique sale and find something really special for a very low price whenever I come across a spandex that I do not have. I get all […]

You Know You Love Mens Spandex

  There are many guys who simply refuse to admit that they love mens spandex. It is hard to understand why they would deny something of this nature although there are many possibilities as to why they would not admit to it. For one thing, if guys went wearing only clothing items made from spandex, […]

Searching for Mens Spandex

  I enjoy wearing mens spandex items as often as I can, but there are times when I just do not have the ability to do so. When those times come up in my life I always wonder if there is something out there that I could secretly wear that no one would ever know […]

The Men’s Spandex Explosion

  So many years ago, mens spandex garments were not all that familiar to the public. It was only until cycling became a huge sport for men that spandex started to be introduced on the active wear market in a big way. When it was discovered that this material was not only so comfortable that […]

Wearing Every Men’s Spandex Design

  There are a lot of different mens spandex designs in this world and I intend to wear every single one of them before my time is up. I understand that I probably won’t be able to wear them all since there are more and more designs being created on a regular basis, but I […]

Men’s Spandex creations

Mens spandex items are available all over the world these days and nearly any type of garment can be found for sale on the market. Just think about it for a second. Cycling shorts, workout clothes, swimsuits and even underwear are all able to be purchased in spandex. While you may not be able to […]

Mens Spandex for the Holidays

Mens spandex will be appreciated at any point in time as a gift. You can give that special male spandex lover in your life something made from this fabulous fabric for his birthday, anniversary or simply as an I Love You present any time during the year. However, the holiday season is always the perfect […]

Mens Spandex Clothing

  Mens spandex clothing comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. While spandex is definitely something used to create some amazing swimwear for both men and women, it should not be put aside that this amazing material is used to construct other garments. These garments are particularly useful to those guys that lead active lifestyles. […]