The Perfect Men’s Spandex for a Workout


If you are looking for something fun and light weight to wear while exercising; you might take a look at the newest men’s spandex designs. I will warn you that not all of these designs are created for workouts. This is something that you will understand as soon as you see them although you might think of enjoying another type of working out in the bedroom with your partner as a perfect time to wear them. There are quite a few designs that would be good for something like that and a lot of guys buy them specifically for some bedroom fun.

If you are looking specifically for workout clothes to take the gym though, there are plenty of men’s spandex designs to choose from. They will make your workouts more efficient and make your body look much better than any other types of workout clothes you might have. I personally have a few designs that I take to the gym and a few that I leave in the bedroom. I like to have as many options as possible when it comes to spandex. I even have some that I take out to the beach and can use as swimwear if I ever feel like jumping into the water.

There are so many different choices in men’s spandex that I have actually found myself trying to wear some of my bedroom designs to the gym. I always catch myself before getting out the door, which is probably a good thing. I could just imagine the looks on the faces of everyone who sees me when I walk in sporting something of that nature. I know I would not get much of a workout in as I would be trying to run away from everyone staring at me. Either that or I would end up getting arrested before I even walked into the gym. I think I might have to start keeping my sexy spandex separate from my workout clothes from now on as this is giving me ideas. If they are in separate drawers, this will never be a potential problem again.