Men’s Spandex for the World to See


Some of the greatest clothing I have ever worn were men’s spandex designs. Now I don’t go around telling people things like that because they would probably look at me like I had lost my mind. Either that or they would start throwing out a thousand questions because they have no idea what spandex designs are. It really is amazing that more people don’t know about this fascinating fetish wear since they see it around them almost every single day. They just don’t realize that what they are seeing is actually made form spandex and not some other material I guess.

I started wearing men’s spandex a long time ago when the only designs you could find were more sexual in nature and you couldn’t be seen in public wearing them. Guys that wore these designs were always trying to hide their fetish and with good reason. But now spandex has made it into the prime clothing aspect of just about everyone on earth. There are so many things made with spandex these days that you can’t really call it much of a fetish based material anymore unless you happen to be wearing something extra special under your regular clothes.

There are still some really sexy men’s spandex designs that you can wear out in public and you don’t have to worry about hiding though. I like wearing thing like that as often as possible even when I do get a few negative looks in the process of walking down the street. Fortunately I don’t think most of those people actually understand what it means to wear something like that out in public because if they did they would see just how courageous guys that do that really are. The point is you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself in ways that don’t hurt anyone and make you happy. If you are afraid then you can still wear things under your clothes but if you don’t care than show off your spandex and let the world get used to seeing you.