Men’s spandex is fun!

Men’s Spandex

Men’s spandex items have been around for a very long time. It is only in recent years that this amazing material has been brought out into the open and worn by men in public. There are spandex swimsuits, underwear, cycling shorts, workout clothes and many other items created from spandex. It seems to be that the first spandex item to be introduced was bicycle shorts worn by cycling competitors. These guys need something comfortable and that allows them to move as fast as they can. Spandex items will not slow them down. If anything, spandex will allow them to go even faster that makes for more competition wins. It may have taken a little while before other men noticed just how functional spandex shorts were, but those men who enjoy indulging in sports or exercising caught on pretty quickly. Once they did, they never looked back.

Something else that is wonderful about men’s spandex is that not only can they create any type of garment imaginable, but spandex is also available in any color that you might want. Imagine a sexy pair of red spandex shorts and shirt to wear when you go to the gym. You can look around and see that most eyes are all on you. Once you begin your exercise routine, you will have another reason to be excited. Spandex has this fabulous quality of being able to sort of breathe along with your body. Most guys say that, after all, they cannot even tell that they are wearing anything at all.

If you get lots of attention at the gym, just visualize the number of lustful looks you will get once you are strolling along your favorite beach wearing swimwear made from men’s spandex. Guys who opt for spandex swimsuits will always be noticed by other beach goers. This is especially true for men who are in good shape physically. That is another idea for you. Hit the gym wearing your spandex workout clothes. Following your workout, you can change into your spandex swimsuit and then head for the beach. You can make a full day of it and feel great while you are. You will see why most guys wear spandex for their sportswear.