Men’s spandex at work

Men’s Spandex

I love wearing men’s spandex whenever I get the chance. I even try to wear it around the office from time to time but I always get told that it is inappropriate to wear, and I have to change into something else. That is when I started wearing some kind of spandex items under my clothing just so I could have the comfort that I enjoyed without being told to change clothes again.  I really did not see what the problem was with what I was wearing, but the boss seemed to think that I was making a joke out of the company dress code for whatever reason. I was not, of course, but you can’t tell upper management anything because they are all knowing.

I even made sure that the men’s spandex designs I wanted to wear to work was not overly erotic in nature. Hell, one of the designs was basically just a pair of workout pants that did not even show off that much of my toned legs and still, I get called in to the office and told to go home and change. I think the boss is just jealous that his fat ass could not wear something like this without everyone within two blocks laughing in his face. I know that seems mean to say, but I truly feel that is the real reason he hounds me so much on what I wear to work.

Regardless of whether you are able to wear your men’s spandex items to work or not, you should definitely try some of them out. You will be surprised at how comfortable spandex can feel against your skin even if you have to wear them under your regular clothing. You might even want to look at some of the swimwear that you can buy out of spandex these days for the next time you decide to head off to the beach for the weekend. You are sure to find people who love their days on the beach wearing some of the same designs. So you know they are not going to give you a hard time about wearing spandex. At least no one should be giving you a hard time as long as you are not wearing something overly erotic in public.