Men’s Spandex and Fashion


In the ever-changing, wild world of fashion, there now dwells men’s spandex. This fabric is almost the underdog of the fashion community, but it is making its own comeback. You see, spandex has always been seen as a bit of a joke. This material has often been used to mock overly effeminate or overly egotistical men who like to show off their figures. However, there is nothing to mock about a well-built man who wears some tight spandex. It is a versatile material that stretches to accommodate both your figure and your movement. It takes a lot to tear a good pair of spandex shorts or workout pants because it is not rigid in shape. Men’s spandex will always bend before it breaks.

Spandex is also versatile in what it can be made into. Spandex can be used to make tight, sexy swim suits for men. The bulge in a good spandex bikini is unreal. Spandex can also be used for underwear that really moves with you and provides security for your most delicate parts. This remarkable fabric can also be used for body suits. These body suits can be head-to-toe and all encompassing, or they can be sleeveless and stop at either the mid-thigh or bikini area. Men’s spandex is finally making a comeback because it can be used in almost every type of clothing! It is useful in its stretchy, well-fitting material, but it can also be fashionable. The reason for this is because it can be ironic, sexy, or both at the same time.

It is always hot to watch beefy guys in spandex bikinis at the beach or underwear models showing off a spandex G-string. A firm ass and a nice bulge is hard to resist, so spandex is great for any man who is trying to display his finer qualities. There are countless perks to choosing men’s spandex. The fashion industry would be crazy not to embrace this fabric for all the good it can offer.