Men’s Spandex to Start Your Gym Journey


Men’s spandex has a deeper purpose than most people realize. You have spent years as a couch potato. Your stomach is soft, your arms are flabby, and your ass is saggy and shapeless. You have finally had enough of looking and feeling like a shriveled water balloon. You have had a gym membership for months, but have never found the time or the energy to work out like you always intended to. But today is the day! You put on your men’s spandex and finally commit to one workout. You look in the mirror and see the outline of your body in the spandex. It does not look as bad as you thought it would, but you know it could look better. You flex what little muscle you have and picture them growing and toning.

While you are at the gym in your men’s spandex, you start on your arms. The workouts are simple, but grueling as you have not worked out in years. The next day, you come back and work your legs and glutes. You keep thinking of a new bikini whenever you finally get the toned butt you have always wanted. The more you covet that body style, the harder you work. The more you push yourself to come to the gym. As you start losing weight, you notice that your men’s spandex gear still fits, as it shrinks and stretches to accommodate your newly developing frame.

After a few months of steady gym visits, you finally start to see the body of your dreams, staring back at you through the mirror. Your men’s spandex looks better than ever on your tight, fit frame. Your muscles, defined under the fabric. It all starts with a look in the mirror, and the fantasy of everything that your body could be, and now it is finally here. Your spandex with you, every step of the way.